Wednesday January 19 , 2022
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About Us

In 2009 our company, Hortofrutícola Costa de Almeria, succesfully launched the production of a new product: Qdelicias roasted peppers.


The company invested more than 1.2 million euros (1.66 millions of dollars) in the development of the processing plant. The peppers are roasted in the most advanced high quality process, the colors include red, green and yellow peppers. The presentations are sliced and whole; the packages come in 350 grams (12,35 oz) and 550 grams (19,40 oz) and other volumes by special order.  The goal is to produce more than 1000 tons of peppers per year?


“We differentiate ourselves from the competition: factories in other areas of Spain by the freshness of our products, as only 24 hours pass from the cutting of the fresh product to its processing”, said Noelia Medialdea, the company's Director of Quality Assurance.

Hortofrutícola Costa de Almeria is situated in the heart of the most productive agricultural region in Europe. Plenty of testing has found that our peppers to have more flavor and better texture due to proximity and freshness of the Mediterranean sea. Find us


Come to see us at:

Original Spain, Ciudad Real (Spain) May 8-10, Diputación de Almería Stand C8

International Exhibition of Gourmet, Madrid (Spain) March 5-8 2012

Sial Fair, Paris, France October 21-25 2012

Fruit Attraction's Fair, Madrid October 24-26 2012