Saturday November 27 , 2021
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Hortofrutícola Costa de Almeria concludes its new range of V

The Horticultural central Costa de Almeria is about to launch their horticultural products plant V range, a project that started to give more value to the products that it markets in fresh, value that would affect the achievement of better prices and a broader product portfolio. For its construction, the company has allocated just over 1.2 M €. This is a factory that has already produced fruit and vegetables the first tests with roasted red peppers, green and yellow, sliced ​​and whole, to be presented in packages of 350 and 550 grams, and other formats.

In volume terms, the objective is the preparation of up to 1,000 tons of roasted peppers, which are marketed under the new shows 'QDelicias' in the foodservice and retail channels, both domestically and internationally. Looking ahead, the company plans to expand its prescription products such as cod with ratatouille, tuna with peppers. In addition to the use of pepper greenhouses in Almeria Coast Produce, shall be introduced dishes that include eggplant, zucchini or Jewish, other representative of the orchard Almeria. To Noelia Medialdea, Deputy finance and manage the company and project manager, "there have been many barriers to entry in the sector, strong investment and the difficulty habaer not know-how developed in terms of innovation. Moreover, it is products that are expected to increase demand, but still not being perceived, so that marketing is complicated and subject to many requests by customers. "

The company, which has four stores in Marin Farmhouses, Vicar, St. Augustine and El Ejido, sells about 115,000 tons of cement per year, still pepper, tomato, cucumber, eggplant, zucchini, watermelon and melon main vegetables. In economic terms, the company turnover 113 M € in 2010, representing an 15.5% increase over the previous year. Looking ahead, the company plans to increase its turnover due to the line input V range products and a restructuring of the company to sell more volume in fresh. In addition to his horticultural, Costa de Almeria provides plant protection to their farmers, owns a service station and employs over 600 people.

Other projects range in Almeria V

The insertion of the horticultural sector in the segment Almeria V range is not new. In February 2010, the entity Alcoex Mediterranean horticultural plants owned by eleven Almeria launched its processing plant in Roquetas del Mar. Also last year, SAT Agroiris showed interest in setting up a factory IV and V range . The project, which should have started in September last year, finally was delayed after the acquisition of facilities Dunia Agroiris Campoalmería by last October, which meant I had to rethink the project.


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